Sunday, June 3, 2007

My Water Broke

Hey guys.

Well, I'm at the hospital.

Last night, I went to bed around 10, Kaitlyn wanted to sleep with us and I had no problem at all with snuggling with her.

At around 12:30, I had a dream that I was wet and it woke me up. I jumped out of bed and noticed that my sweatpants, and the bed were both soaked.

I thought to myself, maybe I drank too much water and just had an accident in bed. I went to the bathroom and emptied my full bladder. When I stood up, liquid kept gushing out. I got Dusty and called the doctor who suggested I go in just to be sure it was urine. I kept thinking that I needed to do more kegal exercises.

We dropped a sad Kaitlyn and a happy Archie off at Nana and Papa's house. Then, we headed to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital at about 1 Am and they started testing to see what was leaking. The first test was inconclusive. At 3 AM, we got the news I was dreading, my water had indeed broke. During the same time I was on the fetal contraction monitor. Although I wasn't feeling them, I was having steady contractions every 4 minutes. At not quite 24 weeks, that is not good.

I was immediately started on Magenisum Sulfate, Antiobiotics and fluids to try and replenish my bag waters. I was also given a steroid shot to try and help mature Matthew's lungs, just in case.

We have talked to the perinatal specialist as well as the head doctor of the NICU. We are incredibly fortunate that we are at this hospital. They have a level 4 NICU and one of the best in the Nation.

We also had an ultra sound this morning. I am constantly leaking fluids but Matthew still has a good amount around him. Him and I are both responding well to the Magnesium, considering. His heart beat is staying good and steady and his kidneys are working really good by flushing it out.

My contractions are under control. Maybe 1 an hour. I will stay on the Magnesium and strict hospital bed rest until I deliver. The ultra sound showed Matthew's gestational age as 23w5d. We are taking one day and one goal at a time. Right now, our goal is to get to 24 weeks. That is when we have the best chance for survival, although the risk of problems are incredibly high. If we can get to 28 weeks, I will be so grateful and the NICU said they would be thrilled.

So, right now, I am prepared for delivery. We've had to decide what we want to do for Matthew if he is born too soon. We were given the options of either allowing him to fight on his own and pass or to put forth all heroic measures. If he is delivered in the next couple of days, it is unlikely that he will survive and if he does, there will be severe delays and more than likely brain damage. We have decided that we want all measures taken to get him stable and then decide our next step at that point.

I have had my rhogam shot (ow) and am anticipating the next steroid shot. As long as I can keep free of infection, I can keep from delivering and they will keep preventing labor. I miss Kaitlyn terribly. She will be staying with Nana and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa. Daddy has been great and so has everyone else. I appreciate all everyone has done for us.

I will have fast internet connection tomorrow and will keep updates going as we have them.

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