Saturday, November 14, 2009

Growing Up

Today was Kaitlyn's Due Date, 5 years ago and obviously, she decided to make us wait since her birthday isn't until Tuesday!! As every year previous, she has grown so much. She is reading, writing, spelling, telling jokes, so energetic and funny, so eager to try new things and just ready for the adventures of life. Not to mention, she is SO flippin' tall! I am so beyond excited for her birthday.

And, I'm going to enjoy every moment of her birthday party today. I've grown a lot this year and made some tough decisions that have been for the best. I'm finally a drama free mama, and sometimes, that can be hard, especially the ignoring and looking the other way part lol. But it works. I've had more time to concentrate on me and my family this year and can honestly say that I'm the happiest I've been in a long time.

I learned a couple years ago how easy it is to be a friend in happy times, the real test of friendship comes when tragedy or hardship strikes. We have endured the ultimate tragedy and have been rewarded with such amazing friends and family that I can laugh with, cry with, talk with and be real with and never have to worry about being judged, whether they will be there in hard times, or what rumors will be spread behind my back. And that, is an amazing gift. <3

I've truly been blessed in this life with such amazing friends and family. I'm so glad to be done dealing with "drama" and be at the point where I care so little that it doesn't really phase me. I'm so happy to have an amazing and supportive husband that cares so much for the family we've mad. I'm so excited for what the future holds.

Today is our Princess's special day, and I cannot wait to celebrate it with the people that mean the most to me!