Sunday, June 10, 2007


And we have passed an entire week. We've experianced a week in the hospital and we're still going nice and stable.

I had Dr. Husslein again today. He's still happy with our "breech baby" and how we're progessing. My blood pressure is staying stable, my temperature is staying in the 98.2-98.7 range, my contractions are staying at under 2 per hour, Matthew is still active with a strong heart beat and I do not show any sign of infection.

Matthew is even lower tonight than he was earlier today, so I'm going to ask the doctor tomorrow to make sure that it's ok.

Today was a bit of a boring day. My cell phone battery only lasts 4 hours and all that was on TV was golf :( And Mash :(

Thanks so much to Great Gramdna for visiting, to Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie Christina for visiting (and bringing Sopranos) and to Kaitlyn for visiting. An of course, thanks to daddy for everything!

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