Sunday, June 17, 2007



First, Happy Father's Day to all of the awesome daddies in our life.

Today was the 15th day post pPROM. Tomorrow we hit 26 weeks!! Yay! We will be able to safely delivery by cesarean section by tomorrow which is great news for both Matthew and myself.

Today was pretty uneventful. I did get approved for a daily wheelchair ride of 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the way things worked out today, I didn't get to take it :( But, there is always tomorrow!

Thanks to Daddy for visiting with Kaitlyn, and Nana, Papa, Auntie Christy, Uncle Dennis and Camaryn. Thank you also to Aunt Beth and Uncle Paul, Christina and Brian and then to Grandma and Grandpa for visiting and bringing Kaitlyn with them!

So, we're still pregnant, being monitored and just waiting and hoping to stay pregnant for as long as possible!

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