Thursday, May 31, 2007


I can't stop eating!!

Seriously, I won't be 6 months pregnant until Sunday, but I've already gained nearly 35 pounds. I gained a total of 25 with Kaitlyn eating whatever I wanted.

I didn't realize I was eating that much until today. I ordered pizza for lunch as a treat for Kaitlyn being so good. I ate a small Gourmet Veggie and half a small cheese and am tempted to top it off with some ice cream... My legs are what's getting big. I think it's mostly water weight, but my ankles are bigger than they've ever been, my thighs are making it what's hard to wear normal jeans and I have handles on my back. Sexy right?

It's funny, with Kaitlyn, I wanted to gain a bunch of weight so I could join the "I'm on a diet" crowd and see what all the hoopla is about and prove that I could do it. Now... it might be a reality

My doctor has no concern at all with the weight gain. He wanted me to gain 30 pounds before I got pregnant and I didn't. I actually think I lost a pound or so.

So, yay me! I'm going to join the normal crowd, even if it is just during pregnancy!

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