The Beginning

Your junior year in high school brings a lot of fun and excitement, you're an upper classman, you have football games, spirit week, homecoming, prom and at the end of it you get to become a senior!

I was a junior in 1999, Dusty was a senior and a couple weeks before prom this gorgeous blonde guy asked me to prom with him.  How in the world could I resist that?  The answer is, I couldn't ;)

A couple years after dating we moved in together.  In 2004 I had a hangover that just would not go away.  It was a bit of a surprise hangover considering I had barely sipped on a beer in the last few weeks.  Turns out that wasn't a hangover, but rather a little princess growing inside of me.  We were going to be parents.

After dating for 5 years, living together for 3 and talking about marriage, we were married on August 7, 2004 and couldn't imagine it any other way.

In that time, we've grown our family by leaps and bounds.