Monday, April 22, 2013

4 months old

On Friday, Charlotte was 4 months old.

I just look at her, my sweet little newborn and am so amazed that she is already so big, so old, so strong and so on her way to being a big girl.

Charlotte still has all of her fluffy auburn hair, but it's getting a lot of golden blonde in there too.  Her eyes are bright blue, and show no intention of changing anytime soon.  She loves to crinkle her little nose and smile big gummy smiles.

She is just growing so fast.  I still have her weighing 13 pounds, but she's being ornery about my measuring her length.  She has her 4 month appointment tomorrow so I should have some accurate measurements to put in then.  She's stretching out of her 3-6 month clothes and when she wears disposable diapers, they are a 2.  (We use cloth at home and disposables if we will be out of the house for 6 hours or more.)

Charlotte is already rolling over front to back and back to front and sometimes will do a couple pretty close together to try and move around.  Then, she gets exhausted and wants to sleep.  And she is a good sleeper.  Not so much during the day, but 8 solid hours every night in her bassinet.  Which, I am very grateful for.

When she's on her belly, she reminds me of a little frog in the water.  She acts like she wants to crawl so bad.  I could see her getting close to figuring it out.  Kaitlyn was a really early crawler, I just hope Charlotte holds off a little bit.

Charlotte is doing just great.  She is showing signs of teething, but I do not see or feel any teeth.  She's nursing 95% of the time and supplementing with formula a couple ounces a week.  She's usually a pretty happy baby, has big belly laughs, says "mamamamamamama" when she's upset, and absolutely loves to be paid attention to.  She's starting to outgrow the paci, unless the conditions are pretty perfect, she's big on sucking on her hand, loves the outdoors and when she's done, she's done.

She's our baby.  She's loved, cuddled on and a big cousin.  She warms our hearts every day.