Wednesday, May 31, 2006


We just got an e-mail from the director of "Fear of Flight" with a thank you and some comments about Kaitlyn I thought I would share:

"Kaitlyn and the Miller family. What a precious little gem you have for
a daughter. She is already quite an actress....totally gave me what I
needed...when I needed. was like she was reading my mind. :~)"

And another from one of the actresses:


We're proud parents, can you tell?

It looks as though the film will debut at the Sacramento International Film Festival in August. As I get more details, I'll gladly share so anyone interested in seeing Kaitlyn on the big screen at The Crest Theater is able to!

I am feverishly working on Kaitlyn's pageant swim suit and nearly finished. I must say that I am pretty proud of it. As soon as Kaitlyn wakes from her nap, I'll put her in it for a couple of pictures to share!

Monday, May 29, 2006



Kaitlyn's Debut as a Movie Star!!

Kaitlyn made her film debut this morning! She played 3 characters in a short independent film called "Fear of Flight"

The first two roles were both of homeless babies. She played the mirror image of herself in a daydream scene, and a homeless baby of a woman begging for change.

Kaitlyn was made to look dirty with a bit of Hershey's baking coco powder. This is the closest thing to chocolate Kaitlyn has ever had.

Everyone was really impressed with Kaitlyn. She let her "homeless mom" hold her and helped her get money by being really pitiful looking. She stared right into the other character's eyes and did a huge pouty lip. She did the same as the mirror image. Each scene required about 10 takes and she did amazing through each one. Not once did she reach out for Dusty or I or did she fuss. Everyone kept saying she was a director's dream. I overheard her the director saying that "I took one look at her head shot and had to cast her."

The next was the younger sibling of the main character. By this time she was upset and fussed. However, it was ok because the scene benefited from it. She worked her 4 hours and left with a standing ovation about what a natural she was.

Dusty and I were so incredibly proud.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Mother's Day is a day spent celebrating all that Mother's do and all that Mother's are. I think it is also a time of reflection and appreciation for Mother's as well.

I wasn't always a mother. I have a beautiful little girl that made me a mother over 2 years ago, the day I found out I was pregnant. She ended any selfishness I could have possibly felt. She made me realize that there are so many glorious and amazing things in this world that make it such a beautiful, amazing and wonderful place to be a part of.

Kaitlyn has made being a mother an honor. She has been the most amazing person I have ever met. The fact that I could raise such a smart, thoughtful, loving, sensitive, outgoing and incredible person makes me so proud. I know that I couldn't' be half the mother I am without a wonderful father to support me.

So, I would like to take this time to thank Kaitlyn and Dusty for the incredibly thoughtful cards and suprises. I'd also like to thank them and give them credit for the mother that I am. I love them both very much.

Sunday, May 7, 2006


Saturday was such a great day!

We got to Kaitlyn's grandma and grandpa's at a little before 9 AM. We were soon followed by Kaitlyn's nana, papa, Auntie Christy, Uncle Dennis and cousin Cami. Auntie Christina and Mackenzie
were already there.

We piled into 2 cars and off we went to San Fransico.

We did hit some traffic, but Kaitlyn was happy as can be watching and holding Elmo.

We arrived at the San Francisco zoo at about 11 AM, and there we met Jamie and Joel. We started by looking at all of the giraffes, zebras, gorillas and other fun animals. The zoo wasn't too packed and we were able to see everything this time! I think everyone had so much fun!

Kaitlyn got to see everything and has soon as we saw the last animal, she fell asleep on Grandma!

We got back into the car and hit a bit of traffic, but got to Grandma and Grandpa's in a couple of hours.

From there, we rested for a couple of minutes before getting into the car and hitting a new Sushi resturaunt downtown.

It was Kaitlyn's first time having sushi and while I thought she would mostly eat rice, she loved it! She really, really loved Tofu and Misso soup. She liked my sushi with tempura shrimp, avacados, and eel! Eel was her favorite part of it! She also ate rice, Teryiaki chicken, tempura veggies.

Then we came home after a long day of fun! Kaitlyn was so happy to see Archie. She kept saying his name over and over while giving him hugs and petting his back. She slept really good!

This morning, Kaitlyn had a new ad out for Mervyn's!

Friday, May 5, 2006


What a day, What a day.
This morning began with a 9:00 AM trip to the doctor. Kaitlyn still has that awful cough and occasional runny nose and has had it for 3 1/2 weeks.
Dr. Walsh was filling in for Dr. Chao and recommend X-Rays of the nasal cavity and of the lungs.
This was Kaitlyn's first time getting x-rays and the most dramatic event of her entire life. Kaitlyn was put into a contraption called the piggy seat. It is made of wood and the base comes to about my waist. In the middle there is a whole. In the whole is a "seat" that the child's legs go through. Kaitlyn was sat in it so her feet were dangling. Next plastic body guards are built on the side of where Kaitlyn's body is. They have straps to attach to each other. Kaitlyn had the guards strapped tightly against her body so that she could not move at all and her arms were straight in the air. They then pressed a "holder" for the x-ray film against her nose. She screamed and cried the entire time. They did 4 x-rays like that. Finally we were able to remove her from the awful disgusting seat. Next, she had to lay on the table. She was still screaming. I had to lay her down and then hold her from her shoulders down to keep her from moving. It took 2 large men to then hold her head completely still and back to get the x-ray. This took 2 tries. I have never heard her cry so hard or for so long in my entire life.
The x-rays did reveal that Kaitlyn does have a sinus infection. She is to take antibiotics for the next 10 days. At that time we will return to have her tested for both seasonal allergies and for asthma.
We dropped off her prescription and then went home for lunch and to pack her bag.
At about noon we got into Kaitlyn's nana's car and headed to San Francisco. We went over the Golden Gate bridge and everything this time! We arrived in the most beautiful residential area and entered into the Pottery Barn house. This house is gorgeous. It was completely done in Pottery Barn memorabilia. Kaitlyn got dressed in a cute outfit of pink pants and a white long sleeved onesie embroidered with the name Grace. She put a pink sweater on and her socks and headed up the stairs to meet Dylan, he co-star for the day. After several pictures it was determined Kaitlyn was wearing the wrong pants! Oh no! So, they decided to switch outfits. Kaitlyn was put into a darling pink long sleeve onesie with the name Emma on it and a white peter pan collar. Over it, she wore a very pretty sage green corduroy dress that had a double ruffle at the bottom. Kaitlyn stripped her socks and put a pretty clip in her hair. Then her and Dylan played in the fun nursery Pottery Barn set up. Kaitlyn fell in love with the recliner they had in the room and played in it over and over again!
After that outfit, the photographer decided he had to have Kaitlyn for another outfit. She was on a role. This time she put on a really cute long sleeved white onesie with blue stars on it and a pair of green corduroy overalls! They were all so soft. She then went and played with a beautiful little baby named Ruby. Kaitlyn loved Ruby. She gave her toys, hugged her, waved at her and stared at her. All you could hear from the staff was the snap snap snap of the camera and the awwwwweeee "isn't she sweet" as Kaitlyn played with her.
Kaitlyn got to put her own clothes on then and tell everyone bye-bye. Her hard work will be displayed in the fall Pottery Barn Kid's Catalog! Yay Kaitlyn!
We got in the car and then stopped at the first place we could for some yummy's! Kaitlyn did so good, she got to have french fries, a rare treat, with her dinner. We then had a long, peaceful drive home in traffic.
Kaitlyn came home and played with daddy and Archie before going to bed. Tomorrow promises to be a blast! A day at the San Francisco zoo with her Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Papa, Auntie Christy, Uncle Dennis, Cousin Cami, Auntie Christina, Mackenzie, Jamie and Joel! We are going to represent 1/2 of the daily guests with a party of 14!!

Monday, May 1, 2006


We have been so busy!
Friday started at 7:20 am! We went with Auntie Christy and Cami to San Francisco. Kaitlyn had a go-see for the in-store Mervyn's display! Very exciting stuff! She did pretty good. They took her measurements, and just like at home she's 32" tall and 24-25 pounds. The shoot begins next week so we should know rather soon! Hope for the best!

Kaitlyn's agency has wanted her to register with an exclusive casting agent. They are only open Mon, Wed, and Fri and do nearly all the casting for SF and LA commercials. They also casted The Rock and Phenomenon. Kaitlyn registered for them and has already been submitted for 2 commercials being shot in the San Francisco area.

Then came the really fun part, a trip to the San Francisco zoo! I had never been so it was really a treat for me as well. The San Francisco zoo is located on the coast right outside of Daly City. It is HUGE. We didn't even get through 1/4 of it in 5 hours today.

We started with the African Safarri. That is where we saw all the Zebras, Giraffes and Gazelles mingling in the same exhibit. We then saw the huge gorillas!! We saw so many types of birds and African Wild life that it was truly amazing. We got to see so many animals and do so much today. I think the best part was the Children's zoo. It is a part of the zoo especially targeting children. You walk in and go see all of the owls, buzzards, vultures and exotic birds. They are all free so you come within inches of them. Then we hit the jackpot. The most amazing petting zoo I have ever seen! You go in through a gate and in this large area there are so many goats, sheep, ducks, birds and other animals running wild. Kaitlyn loved the goats. After being butted by a sheep she was mad at them. She loved riding the tractors around the farm! She saw baby chicks and ducks and owls that had just hatched that morning. It was the neatest thing!

After that we found the carosel. Kaitlyn did ok. She rode it about half way through when she decided she was done! Cami loved it! Kaitlyn also got to ride the steam train through the zoo! We stayed until close to closing time. Everyone was exhausted. Kaitlyn was sound asleep before we got home and hasn't woken up at all!