Thursday, June 28, 2007



We're halfway through our 4th week, yay!!

Today wasn't too exciting. I'm up to 130 pounds now. The perinatologist should have the official ultra sound results tomorrow to go over. She hadn't received them by this morning, so I'm sure we'll discus it tomorrow.

I'm having some contractions, but they aren't at all regular or consistent, so they aren't anything to worry about.

My blood pressure is up from what it normally is, so we get to talk to the doctor about that tomorrow too.

Other than that, Matthew is looking great and we're still pregnant.

I'd like to thank Samantha and David for coming all the way from Monterey to visit. Thanks also to Kaitlyn for visiting today and Mom and Christina!! And of course, Dusty!

I'd like to give a special thank you to the girl-spot girls! You are all amazing.

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