Saturday, June 30, 2007


Today made it four official weeks that we've been in the hospital. It's nearly our half way mark.

Today's doctor was Dr. Hedriana. He let us know that the majority of patients that make it this far make it to the 32 week mark, which was nice to hear.

Dr. Hedriana also ordered the betamethazone booster to be administered on Monday (when I hit 28 weeks), so I have that painful shot to look forward to :P

When I was admitted, I was one of 4 patients in antepardum. The full moon must have been in full force because last night, the other 3 patients all delivered twins. This floor has delivered nearly 2 dozen babies in the last 2 nights.

My blood pressure is staying about the same and my temp is staying low, so that's great. The contractions are still infrequent, but they are getting painful, which is no fun.

Thanks for checking on little Matthew! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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