Sunday, February 19, 2006


I went to the store yesterday and I forgot the darned face plate for the Jeep. So, I was stuck in silence (Kaitlyn was at home with daddy) and had time to think.

I started to think about how lucky we are to have so many awesome people in our lives, to have eachother, to have Kaitlyn, to have Archie, to have a nice place to live and yadda yadda yadda. Then, I started think that it isn't fair to give "luck" all of the credit for what we have. We've worked for all of those things and earned them.

We both have great families and relationships that are amazing with both sides. We have those becuase we work at them, we nuture them.We invest time, energy and love into those relationships. We include those people into our lives and Kaitlyn's lives, we call them, we talk to them, we visit them, we invite them to participate in the things that we are doing. We don't have these relationships just because we were born into them. We get as much out of them as we put into them. We don't sit around twiddling our thumbs and complaining that no one cares about us, we are too busy calling, visitng, sending cards and pictures and making an effort to surround ourselves with loved ones. Then, when we are with family and friends, we don't keep to ourselves, we get into converstations. We (I) brag about Kaitlyn. She's my daughter and I enoy doing it!

I loved being a Stay at Home Mom. But, current circumstances required that I return to work when she turned a year. So, instead of sitting around wishing and hoping for a job to land in my lap, I searched, applied, contacted and worked hard to get a job that would give us great perks and allow me to still be at home with Kaitlyn. Luck, had nothing to do with it. Hard work and endurance did.

Dusty and I aren't lucky to have a good relationship. We work hard at it. We talk to eachother, we laugh with each other, we make time for each other and we put each other before others. We were together for 5 amazing years before we conceived our gorgeous princess. We didn't have to get married. We chose to. We chose to remain married. We chose to be a family. Not once did either of us want to post-pone the wedding, not once did either of us have second thoughts. We were married because we were incredibly in love and wanted to (and still do) spend the rest of our lives together. To keep that promise, we do what we can to make the other happy. So, I do the cleaning (Dusty has helped a LOT), the cooking and the child care, Dusty suprises me with take-out, flowers, and time alone.

You can only get out of life what you put into it. Each day is a precious gift, don't waste it. Try something new, make a new friend, take a long walk, smell the roses. Enjoy your day and you will enjoy your life.