Thursday, October 26, 2006


Well, tomorrow is Halloween. Well, maybe not October 31, but it is the grown-up's Halloween. For one evening we get to trade in our mommy and daddy costumes, complete with the reponsibility that comes with them and dress up to be someone else. We get to see our friends in sexy costumes that will leave absolutely nothing to the imagination, believe me, I've seen them, nothing is left to the imagination.

We get a night where we trade in our lives, be them interesting or boring and become someone else. Now that we are grown-ups, we get to be the naughty version of any character, trade proffessional, or animal that your mind can imagine. We get to have a night filled with tricks and treats as a whole new person. It ought to be fun.

I was thinking of this today and I ran down the things I need to do to finish the costumes Dusty and I will be wearing, we are so lucky to have the friends, family and life that we have.

And... we are getting old. Not like middle age, but darn near close to it. We have a toddler who is turning 2. We have a whole other person that we created that is smart and creative and her own person.

Life is just flying by at a pace that I cannot seem to slow down. I want to soak up every minute of every hour of every day. Maybe that's why I take so many pictures, then I can relive every event that happens, I can put it in slow motion and have it be that day and that moment all over again, even if it really isn't.

While I spend today emotionally reflected all of the time that has passed, all the time that is passing and everything that we are enjoying I will also know that tomorrow I am taking my drunken pilot to a party, surrounded by friends to have a ball.