Tuesday, June 5, 2007



Not much of an update, we're at 24 weeks based on ultra sound sizing which is great news. We've also had enough time pass so that the steroid shot should have already helped Matthew's lung development.

I'm still leaking fluid and having 1-2 contractions an hour, which isn't too bad since they aren't consistent or painful.

I will start some physical therapy sometime today, which will be a nice change. Tomorrow I should be able to have shower privelages. That'll mean 5 minutes while sitting. Let me tell ya, I can't wait to wash my hair.

I have an air mattress now which is much more comfortable. I'll get massaging boots for my legs sometime tomorrow as well.

If I continue as I am now, I'll get to have all the IVs out tomorrow night, which would make me so happy abd much more comfortable.

Our most immediate goal is to stay pregnant until Sunday. If we can get through those first 7 days, our chances go way up of continuing. Right now, we have a 50% chance of doing that.

Dr. Z said that we will have a long term goal of 32 weeks and I will deliver no later than 34 weeks. So, Matthew will be here by August 14, 2007. If we get to that day, there is a really strong possibility that we can avoid a NICU stay.

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