Monday, August 7, 2006


This time 2 years ago, I was awaiting a new cake. In maternity clothes, with my hair up and finishing the make-up.

That's right, today, Dusty and I celebrate 2 years of Holy Matrimony.

Our wedding was perfect. Sure, things happened that sucked. For example on the way over to the location (Christy and Dennis's house) our cake fell in my grandma's car. Not just a smudge here or there that could be touched up, but crumbled into little pieces with smeared frosting all along the back window. It was ugly, but a delicious morning appetizer. Thank goodness that the Bel-Air down the street could whip something up without any notice.

I had the best bridal party a lady could ask for. My sister's were the maids of honors. They were incredibly helpful and insured that my dress fit properly. It was a size 8 (well, I was what, 3 months from delivering what would you expect) and laced all the way up the back. It was so hot. Christy was a bridesmaid as was Felecia and Daphne. Daphne was a godsend. I had originally asked someone else to be a bridesmaid, but she backed out after I had bought and paid for the unreturnable dress. It was much to big for our little Daphne. She found an amazing seamstress who performed a miracle. Jen did our hair and make-up and I was so impressed that she still does my hair to this day.

Dusty's groomsmen were pretty awesome too. He had 2 best men, Billy and his cousin Allen. For groomsmen he had Chet, Dennis and my brother Scott. They all looked so hot in their tuxes. They did a lot of heavy lifting out there in that heat!

We had an outdoor, backyard ceremony surrounded by our family and friends. It was a beach theme in pink and sage green. We had a sand aisle and the girls all went barefoot. My Aunt flew out from NY with her two gorgeous little girls who were flower girls. We used Gerber daises everywhere. The food was delicious. The toasts were funny, sweet, romantic and filled with love.

Our rehearsal dinner the night before was a lot of work. We kept the food light since who wants to eat a heavy dinner in the hot sun? Not I said the pregnant lady at the time. A couple of weeks prior, we were in a car accident. A drunk driver hit us and caused quite a scare. It also created the perfect reason for me to keep cool inside while the work outside was done. I was so happy and so impressed that nothing and no one could get to me. How could it? I was marrying the man I was most deeply in love with.

The day and the night were gorgeous. Sure, we baked a bit and going outside today I wish we would have had this weather, but you can't beat perfect. Looking back on the event, I wouldn't change a thing. It was a wonderful day filled with happy memories and those that meant the most to us were there, included in the ceremony and in the start of our new lives together. I think everyone's role in our ceremony was perfect and symbolizes so much. I'm glad that those that meant so much to us then still do.

Two years later and I would do it all over again. Dusty is a great dad, although at times I am sure Kaitlyn would call him irritating, but she also loves him so much and that is such an amazing thing to be witness too. We have settled into our lives as a family and couldn't be any happier.

Has part of my flashback, I thought I might share some pictures of that happy day! These are the ones I already had on my computer. I really should scan some more though. Why we don't have digital I don't know.