Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Teaching Kids About Politics

I am certainly not a fan of shoving your candidate down the throat of anyone, even your children. I am a fan of teaching them why you support a candidate and how to be a good American regardless of what you believe in.

Halloween night my mom, Kaitlyn and I were in the car. We were driving down Jefferson Blvd when I noticed some guy taking the rather large McCain/Palin sign and flipping it over the fence it was hanging from so it was no longer visible.

To say I was livid would be an understatement. I had a lapse of Mommy judgment, rolled down a window, said my peace about Obama and showed off my favorite fingernail :P while screaming "You can't do that!"

I don't care WHO your candidate is. It is WRONG to take the voice from others. I've heard dozens of stories of people I know recently who have had their houses, cars, property vandalized only because of the politician they supported in this election, and it's happened on both sides.

On the way back down Jefferson Blvd., on Halloween Night, in the rain I got out of the car and flipped that heavy sign back over.

Had I of seen someone flipping an Obama sign I would have been equally as mad, although I doubt I would have taken the steps to correct it as I did with the McCain sign...

Anywho, Kaitlyn then asked why I don't like Obama and why I don't want him to be president.

The easiest of reasons to describe are redistribution and abortions. This night, I choose redistribution, something that we've been talking about since.

I described to her that after she is all done going door to door collecting candy, Obama for president would want to take all of her candy and divide it evenly with those who didn't go trick or treating. Kaitlyn didn't like that.

So, I've asked her very simply, if there was a little girl or boy who was so sick they couldn't go trick or treating, would you share your candy. "Of Course!" was the answer excitedly exclaimed. I asked her if it would be fair of me to tell her that she had to give her candy to them she said no, but when asked if she would make the decision to give her candy to those without and in need, she would in a heart beat.

I've learned that people are good at heart. They will do what needs to be done a whole lot better if done on their own rather than by force.

I've also learned that sometimes, if you put a slight twist or change on a thought, you can get a whole new perspective you may not have thought of.

I have respect and pride for all those that educate themselves on the issue and vote, regardless of what side of the aisle you're on, even if it means we cancel each other's vote out ;)

Since 1777, men and women have laid their lives on the line and fought for our freedom to cast our vote and let our opinions and our voices be heard. Is it really asking too much to read up on some issues and cast our votes?

Dusty and I excitedly filled out our Absentee ballots last week. There were a few debates on props, which brought new opinions, new thoughts and new points of views to the table, and there might be a "Denise Miller" write in for assemblymen because I didn't support either candidate and figured that "Denise Miller" gal would be the best gal for the job, but our votes have been cast.

And tomorrow, I will show my nearly 4 year old what her patriotic duty is all about, we will drop our votes, our voice, our thoughts and our opinion in the box to be counted.

Will you do the same?