Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kaitlyn's Drea

This morning, Kaitlyn decided to come and sleep in our bed. She had a sad dream she said, but it had a happy ending. She finally told us what it was about. This was her dream:

Everything in the world was turning white. All the water was gone, all the grass was gone and everything was slowly turning white. She had to go to God and ask him to fix the world. Her cousin Hope (who had high and long pigtails at the side of her head) and her friend Richard from school, walked up 30 stairs into the clouds to talk to God. She couldn't see him, but she asked him nicely to save the World and to fix it. So, God put his big hands on the whole world and slowly it all started to be saved. While Kaitlyn was in the clouds, she could see Matthew and he was so big he looked like he was almost 3! Once God had finished, her, Hope and Richard got sad because they missed their mommies and started heading back down the long staircase. When they got back down, the grass was green, there was water again and she wanted to celebrate. So, we had a pool party and everyone was happy that the world was saved.