Friday, August 31, 2007

Matthew is coming home!

GREAT NEWS! Ir's official, Matthew will be coming home tomorrow! He is doing great on feeds and we have been told that he passed his car seat challenge today. We are so happy and so relieved.

We have no idea when he'll be able to go home. We have to wait for the doctor to make rounds to officially write the order for him to go home.

Today, I got just about everything done. I finished putting together all of his furniture. I put away all of Matthew's clothes, set up the changing table with everything it needed, made sure all of his clothes were washed and then Kaitlyn and I went shopping. We got burp cloths, more bottles, swaddling blankets, more pacis and of course a lot of antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer.

We came home and I got all of the bottles and pacis washed and steralized, I was able to wash the rest of his laundry (and Kaitlyn's) and tonight (or in the morning) I am going to hang his picture frames. The Sepia prints should be here tomorrow so I can put them in the frames.

We went over a lot of the details of what we should do and look for with the nurse tonight. Everyone (including us) will need to wash and sanitize before touching. It is recommended that Matthew is not kissed anywhere but his feet. If someone is sick, thinks they might be getting sick or been exposed to illness, they should stay away until they are better.

Family and Friends are welcome to visit on Sunday and Monday (or anytime after really!). We don't plan on driving anywhere until or unless we have to, so you all will have to come to us!

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