Sunday, August 5, 2007



Tomorrow we are at 33 weeks! Yay!

Today was busier than days have been. Dr.Chao was on today and wanted to have a quick ultrasound scan to check Matthew's position and the fluid level.

We have lost our one little fluid pocket :( However, this is somewhat good news. Dr. Chao was able to see Matthew's kidneys and any worries we had from our level 2 ultrasound that they were small for gestational age have been diminished. He is processing fluid perfectly and his kidneys are working wonderfully!

Matthew is still breech. Nothing to be shocked about, it didn't feel as though he turned and it would be nothing short of a miracle if he had.

It looks like Matthew will probably be at least 20"! Which means he'll be as long as Kaitlyn, just skinny ;)

This afternoon my blood pressure went up again. With my heart rate also sky rocketing, I had my blood drawn again. The results came back fine, which is great. They also took a vial of blood to start the process for the cesarean. They will type and test my blood in case I need blood during the surgery.

At about 6:30, I started haing contractions every 5 or so minutes apart. They were getting regular and strong so I had another exam. The nurse tonight was more experienced in speculam exams and found that the cervix was still closed. So, it is incredibly unlikely that we will deliver any earlier than the cesarean.

We did find out that the pain and pressure is most likely a cervical aversion. Basically, it's a rash on my cervix causing some irritation.

So, that's where we are tonight :)

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