Monday, August 13, 2007

August 13, 2007

Matthew is 1 week old today. Today, I would have been 34 weeks pregnant. Matthew's actual age is 1 week and his adjusted age is negative 6 weeks old. For being negative 6 weeks old, he's doing great.

After going all night without needing any oxygen, Matthew's nasal cannula was removed this mroning. We went to see him around 2 and he was doing great. He has some slight changes in his respiration, but nothing worth putting him back on oxygen.

Matthew has been doing better now that he is on reflux therapy. He spits up only slightly. Today his feeds were changed from being fed over an hour to over 45 minutes and aside from maybe a teaspoon and a half of spit up at the very end, he did great.

Today, we also had the oppurtunity to start trying to nurse. The plan is to let him get the idea of it and practice and then to start making it his primary means of getting food. Today he did much better than expected. He latched on and attempted to get his own food. We'll keep trying a little bit twice a day.

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