Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 22, 2007


Matthew is still doing good. We're just waiting for him to figure out how much better eating is through the mouth than through the nose.

Matthew did pretty good today. He took his morning feed (the 8 AM) completely through bottle and when I got there, the 2 PM feed through bottle. For his 8 PM feed he took all but the last 7 ml through bottle. We haven't been pushing the breast too much. We want him home more than we want him to nurse. Even though I HATE pumping it's well worth it.

Today, Kaitlyn went and saw Matthew and we got some really cute pictures I'll upload tomorrow.

We're still hoping he'll be home by Monday, but we aren't sure if that's going to happen or not. Matthew is being stubborn ;)

Matthew's room is coming along nicely. His room is painted, the border is sponged on, all of his clothes are washed and really all that has to be done is one more curtain hung and the furniture assembled. Now we just need a baby to put in the crib :D

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