Friday, August 10, 2007



Matthew is doing great today. He is still on the high flow nasal canula. He actually had his oxygen level decreased, which is great. They are going to continue to slowly wean him from the oxygen until he no longer needs it.

Matthew's g-tube that he received his feeding through has been moved from his mouth to his nose. Now is can easily suck on a pacifer and seems to really enjoy it. He is having some slight reflux problems, but that's expected regardless of his gestational ag.

We got back the ultra sound results for his head and are thrilled to say that he hasn't had any brain bleeds. We should have the results of the renal ultrasound tomorrow. The suppositories have really helped his bilirubon levels.

Matthew is now wrapped in a blanket most of the time and he loves it.

For the first time today, mommy and daddy got to hold little Matthew :) He loved it and went right to sleep in each of our arms.

We're home now. After 9 weeks and 6 days I was discharged from the hospital. It's very hard to leave each visit knowing he is staying, but we know he is incredible hands. Between driving back and forth to the hospital, trying to unpack everything, recovering from the surgery, pumping every 2 hours and caring fo Kaitlyn, there doesn't seem to be any time left in the day. Every day we know we are 1 day closer to bringing home our son and that makes us incredibly happy.

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