Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 30

Matthew did FANTASTIC on his feeds today. His nurses decided to start him on eating when he wants to instead of when they want him to eat.

So, he decided he wanted to eat every 4 hours or so. Where yesterday (and the days prior) we had to REALLY coax him into eating 50ml, today he at 80 ml at EVERY feeding!!

Hopefully, he'll be home soon. We should find out tomorrow when they will retest him for his carseat test. If he should fail, Victoria has been awesome and offered her car bed for Matthew. Her generosity is amazing and I am really appreciative.

Everyone has been so wonderful with their kind thoughts, prayers and gestures. I would really like to thank Grandma and Grandpa for not only getting Matthew all of his nursery furniture, but for delivering it as well. Thank you also Grandma and Grandpa for Matthew's new car seat, crib mattress, nursery paint, nursery curtains and the awesome breast pump that arrived today. We are very thankful. Thank you also to Nana and Auntie Christy for watching Kaitlyn, and thanks to Papa for painting the blue in Matthew's room and for painting the glider Aunt Christy gave Matthew.

Tomorrow I will work on the dresser for Matthew's room. I should be able to put it together tomorrow. Then, I just have to put everything away and I can take some great pictures to share his Vintage firetruck room with you :)

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