Wednesday, August 8, 2007


08/08/07 PM

Matthew is doing great.

He is still on Cpap but was on room air for a few hours by the time we said goodnight to him. He is doing great with getting oxygen in, mostly he needs him getting the CO2 gasses out. He is not going to be rushed off of the Cpap until they are sure he is ready.

He is doing a great job of increasing his weight. When they told us his weight yesterday, they were off, he was 5 pounds even. Today he was 5 pounds 2 ounces. Any weight gain is amazing. With Matthew his weight is still really important but not an indicator really of when he'll come home.

Matthew was started on feeds through is tube. They started at 5 cc (about 1 tsp). The first feed was called a boulus feed where they put it through all at one time. He had a bit of reflux, so for the feed 3 hours later they put him on his tummy and did a continuous feed which is where they feed him through a pump so he gets the 5cc over a 20 minute period.

At his 5 AM 08/09/07 feed, he will get 10 cc, so hopefully he will do well with that.

Matthew had a slightly distended tummy and hadn't pooped since being born so yesterday he was given a suppository that helped tremendously. He also had a lot of the swelling go down in his face :)

Everything else with Matthew is looking good. He's still on the blue light blanket for jaundice. Everyone is confident that with time he'll come home healthy.

Keep positive thoughts tomorrow. Matthew has several tests we want good results on. His blood will be checked for bilirubin to see if he can discontinue the use of the light therapy, his blood gasses will be checked to be sure the CO2 in his body is at a healthy level and he will have 2 very important ultrasounds.

Thanks everyone and have a great night!

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