Saturday, August 4, 2007



Happy 9 week Hospital Anniversary to us! I cannot begin to believe how much time has passed. It seems so unreal!

Today was more of the same. I talked with Dr.Chao again today. If at anytime my contractions start to pick up, they are going to do a spec exam again. He's concerned that Matthew is so incredibly low and breech. If he were head down, then he wouldn't be as eager to do another exam. He also wants to be sure that the person is experienced in visual only exams. While our nurse last night is amazing (she's the one that admitted us) she admitted that she wasn't too sure what she was looking for. Anytime that even a spec of Matthew's little butt is visible, we will deliver.

We also found out we may not be delivering on Monday the 13th. After talking with another doctor it turns out we are not yet scheduled and the day might be filled up. Evidently, Monday's are their busy day. As soon as Dr.Mclean comes in next week I will find out exactly when, down to the minute, we will be in the OR. I wouldn't say no to a few days before ;)

My blood pressure is up again. It's probably because of increased contractions and pain. It isn't dangerous, but again high for me and it's being monitored. I also had some minor swelling in my feet that is being watched. You would think with as much as my feet are elevated that swelling wouldn't be a problem.

I had another weight check today. I've gained 45 pounds this pregnancy. That is awesome, especially considering how long I've been on bed rest. Typically with bed rest you don't gain as much weight since you completely lose your appetite and your body doesn't process food as well.

So, that's our Saturday and the 9th long week we've had to cook Matthew :)

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