Wednesday, August 8, 2007


My plan is to try and do 2 updates a day. I want to do one after the neonatologist calls in the morning and one at night when I am pumping. If something happens during the day, I'll try to update then as well :)

Matthew did well overnight. Right now he is still on the Cpap. He is tolerating it well. The doctor doesn't think he'll be weaned off of it today. He is doing well with oxygen, but he is having a harder time with expelling the CO2 from his body. He's comfortable right now so they don't want to try and wean him too early. Has long as the CO2 doesn't get any worse, he will not go back on the vent.

Matthew is much more awake today. The doctor said he's really alert today and acting hungry so they are going to start him on feeds today through his galvage tube. He will start at 5 cc every 3 hours. With each feeding they will add another 5 cc. A cc is equal to a teaspoon. If he does well on feedings, he can have the tube out of his belly button removed. That would get us one step closer to holding him.

Matthew is a bit more jaundiced today so he is on he a bilirubin light blanket and will go under the lights today. Jaundice is completely normal and expected in preemie babies.

So far, Mathew doesn't have any infections. If the blood tests today show no infection his antibiotics will be stopped and that IV can be removed. That would be awesome.

Matthew's results for his ultrasounds will be back on Friday so we'll know about any possible brain bleeds or kidney problems.

As soon as Matthew is clear of things on his face and the sweeling is down we're going to take pictures for his announcements. If you'd like me to send you an announcment let me know :) I just send me your address ;) We have nearly all the enevelopes addressed, I just need a couple of addresses yet :)

We're going to see him now :)

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