Saturday, August 11, 2007


Matthew's doing great! We were told he would have him umbilical IV removed tomorrow as well as the biliruben blanket. We were happy to see that all of his IVs were out this evening! He's on 21-25% oxygen right now which is basically room air. He also hasn't had a single apnea spell (where he forgets to breathe) and is in a regular crib!

Tonight he was also dressed for the first time in one of the NICU shirts we had made for him. The nurses said he's been cold so tomorrow we are going to get some preemie sleepers for him. It was too late when we left tonight and nearly everywhere was closed.

Matthew is still suffering from reflux,so he is on a continuous feed where he gets his food over the period of an hour or so. He is up to 50ml (about 1.69 ounces) which is great!

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