Thursday, August 9, 2007



Matthew is doing great. He is still of the Cpap. He's doing great and his last blood gas test was normal so we are happy to report that the artery IV was removed today! So now, he only has the high flow nasal cannula, an IV in his left hand, an IV in his belly button, the galvage tube going to his stomach through his mouth and the regular sensors to make sure he's doing well.

Now that he is on continuous feeds as opposed to bolous feeds (where his food is put in his tube over a period of 20 minutes as opposed to all at once) he is doing great and the amount of food is gradually being increased. Right now he gets nearly an entire tube of food. I'm not sure how much that is, but I will find out this evening.

Matthew is still having some jaundice issues. He is both on the biliruben blanket and light therapy and wears little glasses to cover his eyes.

Tonight, we get to help with Matthew's feeding. I'll be going back at 8:15 for his 8:30 feeding. I'll get to take his temperature and change his diaper. At 11:15, I'll go back with Dusty and daddy will get to change his diaper and take his temperature.

Kaitlyn got to see Matthew tonight. She was so happy. When we went in, Matthew was awake. It was the first time I've ever seen him with his eyes open. He has the prettiest blue eyes, just like Kaitlyn's. Kaitlyn noticed it first and excitedly squeeled with excitment "Matthew has blue eyes too!!" and "Matthew has blue eyes like me!!!" and really wanted to bring him toys. She asked if she could rock him and showed us that she would be really gentle. I know as soon as Matthew is well enough to come home, Kaitlyn is going to be an amazing big sister. I know she's can't wait.

Matthew still has some swelling. As he continues to pee, it will go down. We're hoping that's soon just to indicate that his kidneys are functioning and functioning well.

Dusty and I are so thankful for everyone's generosity. As I'm sure you can guess, it's been incredibly hard to plan for a baby when you spend the better part of 2 1/2 months in the hospital, away from home, away from the nursery and away from the malls. After the baby shower and all of the wonderful things we've received since his birth I can't think of a single that we could possibly need before we go home or even before Matthew comes home. Thank you so much. It really means the world to me.

Dusty has been amazing. He spends a lot of time in the NICU with me and without me. He has been so helpful. He visits Matthew in the middle of night to take him fresh milk and to make sure he's doing well through the night. He's been great about making sure Kaitlyn is good to Mommy and he makes things as easy on me as possible. He is an amazing daddy and both Kaitlyn and Matthew are so fortunate to have him. As of Monday, he started his 6 weeks of paternity leave. His goal is to take another week or so and then go back to work if Matthew's homecoming is still a ways away and then take the remainder of his time when Matthew is home.

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