Tuesday, August 7, 2007



Matthew is still doing good!

After the vent he was on the nasula cannula for a while, but it wasn't quite enough oxygen for his little body, so he went on the Cpap and is doing great. When he's ready they'll wean him off of that and onto the nasula cannula. The only bad part about the cpap is his face is really swollen. Hopefully it will pass soon.

Today they tried Matthew on a paci to determine is sucking ability and start strengthening it. It's really weak right now, but he has time to strengthen it.

Even though Matthew isn't on breastmilk yet, he has gained weight and is up to 5 pounds, 5 ounces!

We got to hear Matthew cry softly and coo a little.

Matthew is now able to sleep some on his tummy and he looks so comfortable. Preemies are recommended to sleep in their stomachs because it helps regulate their body temperature. Because he is constantly monitored it's safe for him to do so without risk.

Matthew is doing great and we enjoy every moment we get to spend with him. We cannot wait for him to come home and hopefully the days until then will pass quickly.

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