Wednesday, August 1, 2007


We got to talk to the doctor today.

She thinks I can go until 34 weeks without infection. She also thinks I can go that long without these contractions turning into labor.

Our delivery date will be August 13 (unless there is an emergency or complication arrives) which is a Monday and only 12 days from now!

Dr. Zielinsky, who delivered Kaitlyn, has requested to be in the room for the cesarean. Of course we'd really like that so he will be in the delivery room.

If we make it to the 13th without infection, there is a strong possibility that Matthew will go home with us or have a very short stay of a few days. Worst case scenario still shows he'll go home end of August, early September.

Based on the delivery date, Matthew will be a Leo!

The Leo person is creative, generous, proud, risk-taking, fun-loving, dramatic, theatrical, passionate, ambitious, loves attention, dramatic, independent, noble, a leader, sunny, bright, magnetic, kingly, powerful. They can also sometimes be bossy, egotistical, over self-conscious, and arrogant. In medical astrology Leo governs the heart and back. In astrology Leo is ruled by the Sun. The sun sign dates for Leo are July 24th - August 23rd.

Matthew's birthstone will be the Peridot

Matthew will share a birthday with Alfred Hitchcock and Donny Bonaduce

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