Monday, November 5, 2012

Holy Busy Weekend Batman

I think that to recover from how busy this weekend was, I need 2 weeks of uninterrupted sleep. 

Friday night, we headed to Dusty's parents for dinner after Dusty got home from work.  Dusty made some yummy tri-tip, the girls played with their cousin and Kaitlyn did a good job of keeping 32 curlers in a ponytail on her head.

Saturday morning, we got ready for Kaitlyn's cheer competition.  She was so nervous that they wouldn't win anything.  Her team didn't place last year and they had been practicing like crazy to get their routine perfected before Saturday.  Kaitlyn was excited that her toe touch earned her a place right in the middle for part of the routine.

The actual competition was ridiculously stressful.  It was at a community college and the night before they changed the time of competition.  It was free admission to the public and about 45 minutes from our house.  We got there in time for Kaitlyn to get her bow in and make-up ready.  And for Samantha to get antsy.  Even though the time of the competition was moved up an hour, it started half hour later. 

It was held in the gym building of the school.  It had two levels of seating, a downstairs and an upstairs.  Since I knew it was supposed to be about 3 hours, I planned on using Samantha's stroller.  I hoped she would nap.  What I did not count on was the downstairs bleachers to be all pushed in on the spectator side.  Hundreds upon hundreds of people had to use one stairwell or one elevator to get upstairs and find a seat.  A bleacher seat.  With no back.  I rushed through to try and get a seat right in the center.  I wanted to be sure to get a video of the girls' competing, I knew Dusty would want to see it and Kaitlyn had already said she really wanted to watch it. 

All of the teams were really good.  Samantha loved the stunts and jumps.  She hated sitting still.  She wanted to go home.  I hated that the other "fans" had absolutely no respect for any team other than the one their kid was on.  Never before had I seen so many people walk in front and just stand blocking the view while people were actually competing.  It was unreal.  In the audience tensions were as high as I had seen at the football games.  Crazy.

About 3 hours after they started, they were giving out awards.  Kaitlyn's division was Advanced Pee Wee (there was also Intermediate Pee Wee, Intermediate JR Pee Wee, Intermediate Midgets and Advanced Midgets).  Kaitlyn's team took third.  The midget squad for her league took 2nd in Advanced Midgets.  The girls cried, especially the ones that walked away last year without a trophy.  They were thrilled.

Then came the headache of a too tired nearly 8 year old, the booth selling "stuff" closing up way too early, me not buying her flowers, and all of us needing food.  By the time we got to the car, got through traffic and home, it was nearly 5 PM.  Considering that we had plans to go bowling that night at 7, it was a mad rush to eat, get the girls dressed and try to get some of Kaitlyn's room cleaned.  My head hurt.  My stomach hurt.  I just wanted to sleep.  But, we did bowl.  Kaitlyn did great.  I was on Samantha duty, and she did pretty good.

Sunday, Kaitlyn's team had a championship game.  Even though it's NOVEMBER, it was still 80 degrees outside.  Making a noon game in the bleachers less than desirable.  But, her team did win.  Kaitlyn was thrilled and ready to strip off her uniform all at the same time lol.  She was over the sun, the crowds, all of it.

We headed over to my parents' house for Sunday dinner and to celebrate my brother and his long time girlfriends' birthdays.  Dusty finished up their bathroom floor (he's been renovating their bathroom for a few months), we had yummy cupcakes and by 8:30, I was ready to go to bed.

We came home and I was able to stay awake to watch The Walking Dead (super disappointed) and Boardwalk Empire (super irritated that the DVR cut off before recording scenes from next week).  I think I fell asleep before my head even hit the pillow!  I'm tired.  But hey, only about 45 more days until Charlotte's tentative arrival day!

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