Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 21 of gratitude

Today I am thankful for school holidays.  Granted, if I worked outside of the house, I would probably not be as grateful for as long as some of them are, or as frequent, but since I do have the privilege of not working outside the home, I love it.

Last week, Kaitlyn went to school Tuesday and Wednesday.  She was off Monday, Thursday, Friday and all of this week for one reason or another. 

Originally, I had grand plans.  We would go to John's Incredible Pizza, we would go to the mall and wander around, we would go to the park and do some 2 and 8 year old pictures, we would meet up with friends, we would just stay busy.  Well.  That simply just did not happen.  While I feel good for the most part, I also feel exhausted.  And I'm grateful that she is just as content hanging out at home with Samantha and I.

Monday of last week, I had finally finished cleaning up everything from Samantha's party, taken Samantha to her check up and came home by 11.  We had some lunch and later that afternoon headed to Dusty's parents (Nana and Papa's) for dinner.  Tuesday and Wednesday were school.  Thursday I needed to catch up on rest, Samantha's doctor appointment the day before totally wiped me out.  Friday, we had Kaitlyn's parent teacher conference (which went fantastically), and to do all the shopping and prepping for Kaitlyn's party the following day.  Saturday was the party, Sunday the girls all went home and I needed time to recover.  Monday, I was still recovering.  And cleaning.  I promised Kaitlyn I would take her shopping with her birthday money if she had her room cleaned by noon.  It was finally finished by 4, and we compromised and just went to Target.  Tuesday, we spent the day at home.  Today, I will run errands and she will go to the movies with Grandma.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Friday is Black Friday.  Kaitlyn really wants to go shopping for Black Friday.  We will see.  On Monday, she'll be back at school.

And she will be missed.  She is so independent and Samantha just absolutely adores her 85% of the time. 

Fortunately for us, she will only have 4 weeks of school before she is off for another 2 weeks.  Then, another week off in February.  Nearly 2 weeks off in March, and their last day of school is May 31st.  When I put it like that, it feels like summer break is right around the corner...  And I am thankful.  I enjoy having her home with us.

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