Thursday, November 1, 2012


Yesterday was Samantha'a second Halloween. Kaitlin's second Halloween involved rain pouring down, no desire to go trick or treating and seriously just sobbing after 2 houses. Then, she fell asleep. It was stressful. Stressful enough where if I had to do it all over again, I would have just staged a trick or treating picture and stated home with her passing out candy. I was determined to have a better outcome with Samantha's second.

Kaitlin's school had a scheduled day off, which helped a lot. Samantha got to sleep until 10 and I got Kaitlyn ready. Even though it took forever, I wasn't thrilled with how her make-up turned out, but she was happy and that was the whole point.

I woke Samantha up and got her dressed. I had been telling her all week that if she wore her costume and said trick or treat, she would get candy. The girl who lives for all things sugar fought tooth and nail on not wearing the costume and not saying trick or treat.

We headed to William land park and had the girls' picture taken. Again, Samantha showed her stubborn side. Kaitlyn did great, the weather was nice and Samantha wanted nothing to do with it. The photographers were so patient and did get some cute ones though, and considering I didn't get a one, I was thrilled.

From there we headed to my mother-in-law's work so they could see Nana. She works at a community college and I was surprised by the costumes lol. Samantha was still frumpy. She didn't want to be looked at, talked to and just acted sleepy. I had forgotten to chase my Zantac with some Maalox, so I watched the girls devour some food.

After we headed to Dusty's work to do some trick or treating. We talked about it more and she still refused to say trick or treat.

Luckily, grandma had candy. I told her if she wanted candy she had to say trick or treat. She did. And a monster was born.

Samantha went to everyone's desk with Kaitlyn and said trick or treat and thank you to everyone. Then she destroyed grandma's squishy pig pen, chased Kaitlyn outside and played catch with daddy before we went home.

I let her rest and play, her and Kaitlyn colored while I made dinner so it would be ready when we got home. We had some spaghetti with burnt butter sauce and myzthra cheese. One of dusty and Kaitlyn's top ten favorite foods.

In 45 minutes we hit 4 blocks. Kaitlyn was done, which was fine with be. Dusty had offered to walk her some more while I headed back, I was contracting like crazy and exhausted. Samantha probably would have went up and down a dozen more blocks. Whenever someone didn't open the door, she would say "what happen?" And be ver confused. By the end, she would reach in the buckets when offered. She would insist on carrying her bucket and demand it if we tried holding it for her.

Kaitlyn gave up on her wig after the third house. By the fourth she wished she was wearing a more "obvious" costume. But, she was thrilled to be able to pass our candy. And finally, people knew who she was, Abbey Boninable from Monster High.

Once we were home we ate dinner. Well, Samantha fell asleep eating hers. I tried removing her tray but she would just grab for more, eyes closed and mouth moving so slowly. I put her in her crib and seconds later she cried out for candy. I made the mistake of giving her one tiny pack of junior mints. She had fun smooshing them into the carpet... Then grabbing kaitlyn's crayon and writing on the wall...

By 10, I was beyond ready for bed.

All day today, Samantha has brought me her kitty ears and begged to trick or treat... I'm glad they both enjoyed it, here's hoping next year she grasps the "one day a year" concept.

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