Friday, November 2, 2012

A month of gratitude- Day 2

Today I am grateful that I married my best friend.  Life is just easier and more fun when there is someone you truly care about that truly cares about you by your side through it all. 

When you're dating, and 16, I don't think you have a realistic view on what "real" life is.  I think you can imagine what adulthood would be like, but most of it is all cheery with bright windows, sunny skies and laughter.  I don't think you imagine it with any hardships, heartache or sadness.  And because you don't think about how that person and you will mesh during any of the three, many times, relationships do not survive them.

I always imagined the perfect life.  You know, the great husband, perfect kids, 2-4, depending on who wins the coin toss, little boys and little girls running wild.  A happy dog, an easy life.

In many ways that's what we have.  We have 4 kids, one just isn't with us physically anymore and one is on her way here.  And they are perfect.  For us.  All kids have their moments, ours are no exception, but they are so darned amazing.  They bring us so much laughter and joy.  Matthew is a constant reminder that miracles do happen, each and every day.  He is a way to remind us to appreciate each and every day and to never, ever give up hope.

We have a perfect dog.  Especially if you take each of their faults and each of their positive attributes and mash them together.  Chico may be a bit odd looking, and on the hyper side, but he is a great listener and mostly patient.  And he's a great guard dog.  All 10 pounds and crooked teeth of him.  Archie is whiny, and prone to needing more vet visits than I'd care to admit, and overweight and slightly lazy, but he is the most loyal dog in the world.  He is cuddly, and thinks he's a lap dog.  If he'd lose 20 or so lbs, he totally could be.  And he is so stinking adorable.

We have all that we have because we have Dusty.  He is a wonderful provider, a strict daddy that is pretty good at getting lots of giggles out of both girls.  He is incredibly protective and always thinking of ways to make them happy.  And it certainly helps that we like the same TV shows (mostly) and find the humor in the oddest of things. 

Today, I am grateful for my best friend, my husband and the man I know will always be by my side.

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