Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 12 of gratitude - And Samantha's 2 year check-up

Today I am grateful that our children have such an amazing pediatrician.  He is patient, caring, gentle, flexible and really makes both girls feel comfortable.  I would recommend him to anyone I know.  Instead of just following how he thinks things should be, he's open to hearing other ideas, new trends in parenting and research them.  If you have a problem, he will give some suggestions, and if he thinks of more through the day, he will call with them.  I just cannot say enough good things about this doctor.

I am incredibly thankful that we have him as part of our "village" when it comes to our children.

Today, Samantha was super grumpy for her 2 year check up.  She hasn't slept well the last few nights since her birthday.  At all.  She typically stays asleep pretty good when she gets there, it's just a matter of not wanting to get there.  Then, in the morning, she has absolutely no desire to wake up.  This, has not been fun.

She started off the morning in a pretty good mood.  She had her blankie, new book and was excited to see the fishies at the doctor's office.

She was great for the nurse who took her vitals, height, weight and everything, but by the time the doctor came in, she was frustrated with toys, mad at the book selection, irritated with not being at home and just throwing one fit after another.

Fun times I tell you.  I was only grateful that Kaitlyn could stay home with Dusty, having her "help" when Samantha is in this kind of a mood is plain exhausting.

Samantha has gained some weight.  Woo-Hoo!  She's up to 25 lbs, which brings her to the 27%.  Considering she was under 25% when she was last weighed, I'll take it.  :)  She's tall.  Standing at a 35.75" she comes in at 91%.  So, she's our tall and skinny little one.  Her head is up to 49 cm, 86% larger than other girls her age.  She did not like having that measured and told the nurse she hurt her and gave her a boo-boo. 

Her health overall was good.  We have her assessment with the Pediatric GI on Wednesday, and we will finally, hopefully, get some answers about her bowels.  Her speech is advanced for her age.  She easily speaks several hundred words, puts them in 3-4 word sentences, knows all of her colors, numbers and letters.  She can count when she wants to and the only two things she cannot do that she should be able to do is: Eat well with a spoon or fork and answer what her name is.  She can eat with a spoon or a fork, but it would be quite a stretch to say she does it well.  And if you ask her what her name is, she will likely just look at you.

We ended it with the flu vaccine.  Ideally, we wanted to give her the nasal spray.  But anytime the nurse tried to get her to sniff, to practice, she threw a screaming fit, covered her face and yelled.  So, she got a shot.  Which caused a lot of kicking, screaming and tears.

Here is hoping she sleeps better tonight and is a tad less grumpy for her tired mommy tomorrow!

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