Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 19 of gratitude and one month countdown

Today, I am thankful for the sunny days that follow rainy days.

I used to hate the rain. I hated the cold. I hated the gray skies. But, now I have found so much beauty in them. Gray skies and wet days make it easier to cuddle up under some blankets, watch some movies, eat some soup, drink some coco and force yourself to be lazy. There isn't any crazy running around. No insane errands to run and it's totally ok to wear sweats two sizes too big.

The best part is how much it makes me appreciate those sunny days even more. The rainbows, how much more green the grass is and the ease of running errands and getting rid of energy without getting wet.

I'm so grateful that our weather has been so mild (and finally cooled off) that I welcome both the sunny days and storms.


One month from today, by this time, we will be in our car driving o the hospital to have our last little girl. Unless she decides to come sooner.

Considering that in that month we still have Dusty's birthday, my dad's birthday, Thanksgiving and holiday festivities, I have a feeling time is going to fly by.

Samantha hasn't been sleeping at night. On Friday, she battled some pretty severe constipation, which I gave her a laxative for. Which helped her out quite a bit. But, it led to a tummy ache. Which led to not wanting to sleep. During the day, she had a very slight fever, but I attributed it to the flu vaccine on Monday and the belly issues. Saturday, she had a slight cough that got worse through the night and led to only sleeping if being held. That was the night of Kaitlyn's sleepover, so it also led to an early morning. As Sunday progressed so did the cough and the obvious "yuckiness" she was feeling. Last night was more "I will sleep for three hours, then, I have to be held feelings. So, she has been preparing me for the sleepiness nights we're headed towards.

We still have soooo much to do. I need Dusty to bring in the swing, bassinet and huge tub with the last of the baby stuff. All of it needs to be washed and put away. Car seats need to be shifted and installed. My goal is to have all of that ready by the end of the month. Dusty thinks we should wait until the first to decorate for Christmas. Considering I will probably not feel like putting it all away the day after Christmas like normal, it makes sense to wait so I don't get sick of it all.

One month to go.

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