Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 15 of gratitude

I seriously have no idea how we're already 15 days deep into this month.  I had to check my blog list to be sure that I did the previous 14 days, for some reason, it feels like I've just slept through them or something.

Today, I am grateful for the internet.  It makes it so much easier to research anything I can possibly think of in seconds.  I have the ability to have a question about whether something is normal and get a pretty decent idea in a matter of moments.

The internet makes it far easier to stay connected to friends and family.  Be it through websites, facebook, emails or just storing photos to share.

I love that if there is a book or an article that I really want to read, I can download it to my iPad and read it whenever I want.  I love that when I'm stuck in the pick up line at Kaitlyn's school and Samantha is asleep, I can be easily entertained. 

I am incredibly thankful that we have the technology available to have advanced past dial-up, that nearly everyone we know and love is easily accessible, and I love to see how much it has grown, even in the past few years.

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