Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 6 of Gratitude & 33 weeks

Today's gratitude and hitting the 33 week mark in pregnancy go hand in hand.

Today, I am grateful to be 33 weeks pregnant.  I have been pregnant 8 hours longer now than I was with Matthew.  My amniotic fluid has remained intact for more than 9 weeks longer than it was with Matthew and this little girl has a really good chance of being born healthy and going home when we do.

I am grateful that we have the medical staff that we have taking care of me and this little girl.  Considering that this pregnancy we've been through a lot of bleeding with a SCH and low lying placenta, and there were times once again where doctors thought the pregnancy may not make it to viability, here we are, a month from where many doctors consider full-term.

If that isn't a blessing I do not know what is.

Today I received my second to last injection.  Once of the nurses was so excited.  She just kept saying "only one more and you're there."  I'm sure the rest of the waiting room was really confused by what in the world she could be talking about.

My weight gain and symptoms have all remained the same.  I haven't gained an ounce since last week.  I also haven't lost, so that's awesome.  I go back for an OB appointment next week and I'm still waiting to schedule my delivery date!

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