Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 11 of gratitude

Today I am grateful for the freedoms we have as American's.  The freedoms that I know we all take for granted far too often on each and every day.

I am particularly grateful on this day for those that have put their lives at risk so that we may maintain those freedoms. 

I am thankful to the families that live their day to day lives not knowing if their loved one is ok.  The children whose mother or father are gone for extended periods of time.  The families that move from state to state as duty calls and all the sacrifices they make so that we may have the freedoms we have.

The gratitude I have for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to enjoy the lifestyles that we enjoy.

The bravery of the men and women that serve this country amazes me each and every day.  I hope and pray not only for their safety, but for strength and peace to their loved ones as well.

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