Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank you Rio Linda Food Source for causing further frustration with humanity!

Today was a LONG day.

This morning Kaitlyn had her pre-op appointment for her tonsil and adenoid removal surgery, which is scheduled for Monday at 9:30 am at the surgery center.  All went well, she is up to 46 lbs and 47" tall.  So she is in the 62 percentile for weight and 82 percentile for height.  So, she is absolutely growing along her curve!  Temp was good, blood pressure was good, she was good, all was well.  Except her tonsils are swollen.  But, hey, they are coming out in a week, so there is no point in worrying about them.  Tomorrow morning she will get her blood drawn and prescriptions filled and then we just wait.

We then went school clothes shopping.  I let Kaitlyn picked out whatever she wanted.  A far cry from normal when I try and talk her out of the stuff I don't like.  She did get some stuff that I love, lots of Roxy and Hurley, lots of preppy stuff, lots of skinny jeans and a few outfits with the matching scarves complete with glitter peace signs, tie-dye and hearts.  The latter are my least favorite lol.  She also picked out an outfit for Samantha and some new jammies for surgery day.

From there we went to have lunch with Dusty and then came home.  While at home I got a phone call that I probably won't be having my ultrasound tomorrow.  On Monday, my insurance policy changed and my doctor doesn't take it.  So, I had to go down there yesterday fill out a bunch of paperwork and wait for them to make the proper changes back for the remainder of the pregnancy.  Because my doctor isn't accepting this insurance the maternal fetal medicine place will not see me since I technically do not have a contracted doctor.  My doctor will still see me and doesn't understand why they won't, so he is calling tomorrow to say WTH? people!  Fingers are crossed that he works some magic, because me being on the phone for 3 hours, nearly draining my entire cell phone battery trying to get things fixed, and crying on the phone out of pure frustration that people cannot just listen to me, did absolutely nothing.

Throw in that it took me asking Kaitlyn no fewer than 15 times and over the course of 20 minutes to get her to pick up one single pair of shorts off the floor because she was so busy watching Dragon Tales that every 10 seconds she would get distracted.  I'm sure you can understand what kind of mood I was in when I headed to the store to pick something up to cook for dinner.

Here are some highlights:

* Douche Bag in the white car, you and people like you, are the reason why California has to have cell phone and driving laws.  It is not ok to travel down the center of an aisle at 3 mph because you are juggling your cell phone call, a big gulp and manual transmission.  Here's a tip: other people would like to drive around you too.  I would be willing to bet that the mere thought of chewing gum while talking out loud is so difficult for you that manage to break a bone while doing so and blame of course the sidewalk beneath you.

* It is seriously not that difficult to pick out a pack of chicken breasts.  It isn't.  If you believe you will require more than 8 1/2 minutes to select one from the 12 possible options, at least move the hell out of the way so someone else can grab one too.  And the fact that I was obviously timing you while smiling and tapping my foot, while saying excuse me and trying to edge in should have encouraged you to move your darned basket out of the way.  Next time, I will do it for you.

* If I am a foot away from the conveyor belt to load my groceries onto it to pay for them, it is not ever acceptable to RUN from 3 aisles back to pass me, slam down your little carry basket and shout "sorry kiddo, looks like I beat you too it."  It is not cool, and I did try really hard to make actual daggers shoot out of my eye balls.  For starters, unless you were talking to my obviously swollen belly, I'm not a kiddo.  Secondly, it's not a race, I was next in line, you are just a complete and total donkey and I hope Karma punches you in the face.

* If your basket is completely filled with soda, junk food, chitlins, turkey necks, malt liquor and only one bag of something resembling a vegetable in it and your EBT card does not have enough by $2 and you chose to put back the veggie, I am going to give you the side-eye.  I try not to judge, and seriously I don't want to, but COME ON!!  Look at those priorities.  Maybe change out a pepsi for a generic coke?  Or get some generic chocolate chip cookies, I promise the taste is pretty damn similar, and get your kids some carrots.

* And my favorite was self induced.  I went to the store for two things, sausage and soap.  One to make jumbalaya for dinner and one because Dusty was out.  With a basket completely full, guess what two items didn't manage to make it?  That's right, I had to take all my paid for, bagged up groceries, push them through the store, get back in line and start the fun process all over.

* And seriously guy, if I am trying to get into my car and you are parked next to me "chillin'" while you wait for whoever to finish getting groceries, could you please close the door so I can open mine.  Since I was in Dusty's car, I couldn't very well just slam my door into yours and hope to catch your leg in it, so I had to wait patiently, and say excuse me at least 12 times so you can hear me over your ridiculously loud rap music.  Hey loser, no one wants to hear your crappy music.  I'm willing to bet you don't even want to hear it you poser.

* Finally, if I am 3/4 out of my parking space and you are just now starting to leave your space and realize that you have to wait for me to leave for you to have room you do not get to honk at me to stop so that you don't have to wait that precious 15 seconds.  It does not work that way.

But, there were two great people that made the experience almost enjoyable.  The old man who got me a shopping cart and the sweet clerk who commented on the basketball under my shirt.

I'm ready to watch some hell's kitchen and go to bed :)


John said...

Yeah, sorry about your crummy experience. That whole strip mall just sucks. Maybe nostalgia has blurred my memory, but when Mar-Val was the grocery store of choice in RL, we didn't seem to have the same concentration of douchebags. They all seem attracted to the corner of Elkhorn and Rio Linda... easy douchebag access, I guess.

Love your blog.

DaphneB said...

Ugh, what a terrible shopping experience!! Just a terrible all-around day. Hope the next few are pleasant and smooth to make up for it. <3