Monday, August 9, 2010

26 weeks

No, not the movie :P  It's where I'm at in the pregnancy :)

How far along? 26 weeks!!

Weight gain/loss: 24 lbs!!  Down 2 from last week.  I think it's because of this nasty cold

Maternity Clothes?  Unless I want to look absolutely ridiculous :P

Stretch Marks?  Nope,  At least not any that I can see.
Sleep?  I fall asleep around 9-10, stay that way until midnight, then get up every 2 hours

Best moment this week?  Showing Kaitlyn Samantha dance in my belly
Food Cravings?  I totally satisfied the cheddar biscuit craving, but now I want more
Belly Button, in or out?  The top part is sticking out, the bottom is pretty darn shallow
What I miss?  Eating without heartburn, sleeping without heartburn, basically not having this severe reflux
Weekly Wisdom? Actions speak louder than words.  Words are so easy to say, acting on them requires effort and actual genuine sincerity.
Upcoming Appointments?  Well, I didn't get my u/s last week, so here is hoping I do this week.  Wednesday I have my monthly OB appointment and p17 shot :)  And hopefully sometime this week I will get a belly shot update :)

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