Wednesday, August 11, 2010

26 week OB appointment

Aside from the office running 1/2 an hour late (evidently someone threw up ALL over the bathroom, so it was closed to be clean, causing them to run a little behind while they cleaned it and had to go to the other bathroom to check out everyone's urine, plus a patient of another department passed out in front of the elevators, so they were closed so the ambulance could help him, and the parking lot was a mess because of the ambulance blocking traffic...) everything was great!

At 26w2d, my uterus is measuring at 27 weeks!  He thinks I'll start feeling some fingers or toes in my ribs in the next week or two :)  My blood pressure is great at 100/60, heartrate was in the 150s and he said even if I gained another 50 lbs, that's fine with him.

I have been treating myself to 1 glass of sweet tea every day.  That's the only caffeine I have, everything else is milk or water.  My body is not responding well to caffeine and is likely the cause of my second UTI in a month, so I don't get to have them anymore.  Sweet tea, I will miss you :(

I continue to go back every week for my progesterone, but from now on, I have an OB appointment every 2 weeks!  Yay!  At my next appointment I get my rhogam shot and I get to do my glucose test. 

Is it bad that the doctor was surprised that I have made it this far without pPROMing again?  He thinks the p17 shots are making a huge difference and wants to start using them with more patients :)  

And all the insurance problems were worked out, effective today so I get to call the high risk doctor and schedule my u/s, hopefully I can get in this week :)  Friday morning would be ideal so Dusty can be home with the princess!

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