Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OB appt

Today I had my 28 week appointment.  We're getting so close!  As of right now, I only have to get the p17 shot 8 more times and I'm done with it!!  And, I only have 9 more OB appointments (at most!) to go, if I go to my due date!

My weight was up, which I expected.  My doctor's comment was "I'm so glad to see how high your weight is!" which is a great comment lol.  This week I've felt like I've had the second popping of my tummy.  Even my weekly shot nurse made a comment on how much it's sticking out.  But, I'm measuring right on track!  My blood pressure was 100/70, which was great.  Especially considering that while she was taking my blood pressure, Kaitlyn was "tap" dancing as loud as she could after I asked her to stop half a dozen times :P

In addition to my p17 shot, I also got my rhogam shot.  While the p17 shot hurts more going in, and takes such a long time for the oily substance to my injected, but the rhogam hurts a heck of a lot more when the needle is inserted.  Ouch!!

Samantha's heartbeat was great and easy to find.  At my next appointment I get to have the whooping cough vaccine, joy lol!

After my appointment I got to go to the lab and have my antibody screening done as well as my gestational diabetes test.  It was hours ago and I still feel sick from that syrupy glucose drink.  YUCK.  Hopefully we'll get good news back :)

I'm just a couple posts away from my 300th post and I want to do a giveaway to celebrate it!  For a prize, would you rather see a Jamba Juice gift card (because who doesn't love Jamba Juice?) or a digital file of a custom card/invite/announcement?

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