Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Cat And Pregnancy Update

Yesterday morning, we caught another cat...  When I first peeked out, all I saw was big and black, I thought for sure it was going to be Dusty's lucky day.  When I got closer, I realized it wasn't.  It was another black and white cat.  But, this one is not a kitten, this is one of the ones that I believe is second generation (I think there are 3!) and procreating out there making babies.  So, all is well. 

This cat was a lot less timid when we picked up the cage and when we released it, it ran in the opposite direction that the little ones had.  Dusty forgot to bring home the trap yesterday so obviously, we didn't catch any last night :)

As my last OB appointment update showed, I had to take my 1 hour glucose diabetes test.  I have always failed this darned test.  The maximum you can get is 134, I usually get in the 140s, so it's not like I'm failing by a lot.  Only once have I failed my 3 hour test, and with that we did some diet modification and my blood sugars through the day were fine, so that was that.

This time was different.  I asked how much I had failed it by, thinking if it were consistent with my previous results, I could just skip the 3 hour test.  She said a lot.  I asked exactly how much, she said I didn't want to know.  Now, I was irritated, I wanted to know, or I never would have asked.  She said it was well over 200.  She was right, I did not want to know that.  I wanted to live in oblivion and believe that this time would be like the other times.

Since I hadn't had breakfast yet and my plans that morning were not too important, I opted to go ahead and do it right then.  You have to fast for 12 hours, have your blood drawn, drink the nasty drink (that wasn't even cold this time) and then have your blood drawn every hour for 3 hours.  By the time you're done you are hungry, your tummy is growling like a crazy monster, you're dizzy and just plain tired.  I was eager to have lunch!!

The phlebotomist said I should have my results back no later than Monday, so this weekend will probably be my last bit of sugar fun.

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nbrandusa said...

Aw man that sucks about the GTT...hope you pass the 3 hr with flying colors! *fingers crossed*