Friday, August 20, 2010

Kaitlyn's First Day of School

Even though school started last Thursday, Kaitlyn enjoyed her first day of school today!

She was so excited and yesterday we went shopping for her to pick out the perfect backpack, lunchbox and outfit to add to her already too big wardrobe.  After all the stores she insisted that instead of getting a matching backpack/lunchbox set like we had talked about, she had to have a scooby doo lunchbox.  There were not any matching backpacks so she had to get a pink and blue paul frank one with rainbows and hearts.

Kaitlyn found her perfect outfit and "mood" nail polish at Justice and the last step to the puzzle was her deciding she could go without me staying with her.  She decided she couldn't, but we just needed to work on it.

This morning she got up, showered, sat down with some chocolate milk and insisted on a donut.  She took her medicine, we got her nails painted and she got dressed.  After some pictures in the front of the house, it was time to go.  We walked to the office like I was instructed to by the secretary when I called yesterday and she walked us to the classroom.  She stopped to introduce Kaitlyn to other teachers we passed by them and then we found Mrs. Ragone.  Kaitlyn had her last year for reading, so they were familiar with each other.  Kaitlyn still wasn't ready for me to let go and face that I wasn't staying, but her teacher was awesome and took over!  She excitedly took Kaitlyn by the hand, told her how glad she was to have her in the class and since the rest of the class was lined up and ready to go into the classroom, she asked them who knew Kaitlyn from last year.  There were 3 friends from last year in her class again this year.  They were so excited to see her!  So, Mrs. Ragone took Kaitlyn by the hand, helped her line up inbetween two of the girls and it was time to go inside.

As they got to the door, Mrs. Ragone told Kaitlyn to say good-bye to mom and in they went!  I get to pick her up at 3:05 and hear all about her day :)

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