Monday, August 30, 2010

And the plot thickens...

I was just commenting this morning that we don't really see a lot of cats anymore.  I was in no way complaining, really that was our goal.  To have cats out of our yard and away from our pets and family.  I was so happy to see that we were getting close to being cat free.

Today, the dogs have been driving me UP THE WALL.  Seriously, they would not stop barking, non-stop, this ferocious bark.  I went in the garage a few times to check on them, but couldn't find anything.

Dusty was home a couple hours ago to get his stuff ready for the game (did I mention, we get to go and see the Giants tonight, thanks Dennis!) and Iw as in the garage folding laundry when I heard a meow.  In the same direction Chico had been barking.

I RAN in the house to find Dusty and told him, Dusty, there is a cat in the garage.  I couldn't really prove it, but he had me bring the dogs inside and we investigated.  We tore apart the garage and just couldn't find anything.  Dusty brought out Chico (he's a better hunter than Archie) and he went straight to that same corner, sniffing like crazy and his tail was straight as can be.  But, neither of the dogs were barking.  We gave up, figured the dogs were barking at their shadow and moved on.

I took Dusty back to work, came home and was eating lunch when again, they were going crazy.  My head had enough so I went to the garage door and threw it open to yell at them.  They didn't even notice I went in the garage, they were just going crazy!  Then, I saw it.  A cat slapped Chico in the face.  I panicked.  I took the dogs in the house and called Dusty.  I'm sure he appreciated a panicked phone call from his wife who was out of breath, 29 weeks pregnant, had complained of cramping earlier and has a history of preterm labor ;)  all to tell him that there was a cat in the garage!

He calmed me down and we had a plan.  I was going to seal off the doggie door that leads from the garage to the backyard and I kicked the dogs out.  I tore apart that section, carefully to try and find the cat, who I now felt bad for.  I moved the boxes I believed it was hiding behind, skittish the entire time (I was so scared of getting scratched!) and looked and looked.  I couldn't find it, but I could hear it.  And obviously, I now know it's there.

So, I set up the trap in the garage with fresh food and the dogs are kicked out for tonight.  Thank goodness it's a mild day.  I think they are trying to get revenge on us, they are infiltrating!  :P


Anonymous said...

Your cat stories are hilarious!

Camie said...

When you catch the cat, let's take it to Uncle Dan's house! :~)Camie