Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 3 of recovery

And it was better.  Kaitlyn actually got out of bed several times to paint or sit on the couch with us.  She still refused to eat though.  She did manage a few sips of a smoothie we got her before going to bed.  She is also still refusing tylenol.

She went to bed, excited to be starting school today and fell asleep around 9:30.  Since she had a little nap through the day, that wasn't too bad.

The first time that little bell rang this morning it was 3:30 in the morning.  She wanted to try a tylenol.  Just one chewable.  The doseage for her age and weight is 4.  I obliged and went back to bed.  You know how you lay down and you can feel yourself drifting off to sleep and just about there, well that's when the bell rang.  For a different DVD.  I changed it, went back to bed, started to drift and again with the bell.  This cycle continued until 6:15 this morning for everything from telling me that her tongue felt funny, cheeks hurt, replenishing apple juice, switching movies, pushing play.....  I fell asleep just in time for my alarm to go off at 6:30.

I showered, dressed and got ready.  I woke Kaitlyn up.  At first, she jumped out of bed, eager to take a shower.  Then, her throat started hurting and she said all she needed was rest.  She said she wasn't ready to go to school and she was scared she was going to hurt too much if she tried.  So, I backed off.  By this point it was 5 minutes from when the bell was supposed to ring, she wasn't dressed, her hair was a wet mess and there didn't seem to be much point.  She said sh wanted to lay in our bed and I could not leave her side for anything.

About 20 minutes later, she changed her mind.  She wanted to try and go.  But, since the point was to get there a few minutes early, explain the situation to her teacher and get her situated and start the Independent Study process.  Walking into the classroom late, disrupting the teacher and then leaving would just be plain rude to the rest of the class.  Of course, this upset Kaitlyn again and again she was furious we took her tonsils from her.

So now, she's finger painting for a few minutes.  In 10 she has no choice but to eat.  I told her otherwise no more painting for the rest of the day and since that has been her favorite activity the last couple, that's a huge deal!

Wish us luck!  We're gonna need it!

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