Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I think Kaitlyn is finally making progress...

Every night since Monday the 9th, Kaitlyn has woken up at least once during the night (typically between 2:30 and 3:30) crying in pain.  She would have a really hard time swallowing, have drool all over her and just be in pain.  Last night, she didn't wake up at all!  Huge step!!  Hopefully she will continue to have less pain and start to feel more comfortable.

Yesterday, my goal was to get her to eat.  I know that her throat hurts and feels like it's burning, but the only way to get stronger is to eat and get through that pain.  I try to think of it like have a cesarean.  It hurts to get up and go to the bathroom.  It hurts to sit up, it hurts to move, to get out of bed, to take steps, it just plain hurts to move.  But, the sooner you start moving, the better and faster you heal.  In the course of 4 hours I got her to eat some.  She ate 1 1/2 pancake puff (pour pancake mix in the sandwich maker for 5 minutes and you have yummy finger foods to dip into syrup) and a small bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy.  The problem is she hasn't felt like eating.  She hasn't been hungry.  In my opinion, that has a lot to do with going over a week surviving on a few bites of food a day.  We need to get her digestive system back on track to get her appetite back up.  For dinner, she asked for a meatball sandwich from subway, and did end up eating a good 3/4 of the meatballs from half of it.  And then it happened.  About an hour later, she started to feel hungry!  YAY!

So, our goal now is to get her better.  As of tomorrow she will have missed the first week of school.  We really want to get her started either Friday or Monday.  So, tomorrow is our dry run.  She is going to be woken up at 7 and has to eat breakfast, get showered and dressed and be ready to get out the door by 8.  She has to be able to go from 8 - 3 without pain medicine or complaining of pain, and has to be able to eat breakfast and lunch easily.  Even though she normally eats a hot lunch, I will probably pack her lunch so it's all soft food that she likes to encourage her to eat it :)

Hopefully today is a good day!

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