Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 2 of healing

Yesterday was day 2 of Kaitlyn's healing process.  It was a rough day.

The day started out at about 3 AM with Kaitlyn ringing her bell.  Her throat hurt.  I managed to get her to take some pain meds and switch out her DVD so she could watch it and rest.  For the next 2 hours she rang that bell every 3-4 minutes.  I think once was because she actually needed something and every other time was to inform me that her throat hurt, she is mad that the doctor would do this to her, she misses her tonsils and on and on and on.  All in a whispered, horse voice.

She finally fell back to sleep around 7 AM and slept for about an hour and a half.  Daddy went back to work and there we were.  At 8:30 it was time for more pain medicine and antibiotics.  We got the pain meds in, very slowly, and over the course of 20 minutes so managed to take all the antibiotics.  20 minutes later, that bell of hers rang.  Her tummy hurt worse than before she took the medicine.  30 seconds later, she managed to throw it all up.  Want to hear some drawbacks of a bunk bed?  Particularly a loft bunk bed with a ottoman and bean bag chair near the stairs.  I'll give you a hint, the vomit has more places to go ;)

We got it cleaned up, she apologized profusely and wanted to sleep.  I attempted to get her to eat some ice cream and she didn't want it.

That cycle continued most of the day.  Daddy came home from work and she was sound asleep.  She woke up just in time for Grandma to come visit and she was glad she had a card and balloon from Auntie Christina and Grandma had brought her some new jammies, Dora DVDs and an activity book.  As well as some applesauce and some chocolate ice cream.

After a few minutes, she decided to go sit in her chair in the playroom to try and eat some applesauce before taking more medicine.  She took another sip of her applejuice, a sip of pain medicine and proceeded to throw up everywhere.  We got her in the shower as Grandma said good-bye and Kaitlyn decided after her shower to try and rest some more.

She fell asleep.  At about 10, I got her to take the antibiotics and her and I came to an agreement.  She took some chewable tylenol instead of her tylenol with codeine and went to sleep.

I knew if the night was going to be anything like how it was the previous I should get to sleep!  And it was a good thing I did, she was up at 2:30!  And the bell rang every 5 minutes until 5:30 AM.  She needed more juice, wanted a teeny tiny bite of ice cream and to tell me random things.  She went back to sleep and was up again at 8:30.

Since 10 PM last night, she hasn't had any pain medicine.  She's in pain and has a lot of mucous, but she says the medicine makes her worse.  She painted for a little while and then Auntie Jamie came and babysat her so I could go to my OB appointment.  She was very excited to see that Auntie Jamie brought her a new My little Pony and matching movie :)

When I got home she managed to eat a few fries, she says it's easier to eat than ice cream or popsicles.  She's in our bed resting now, so hopefully she'll feel better and maybe get to go to school tomorrow and meet her new teacher :)

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