Monday, July 30, 2007



Nothing really new to report. Contractions are the same. We have the same blood pressure and heart rae. Contractions are still about 15-20 minutes apart and very slowly intensifying. We are haing a lot of decelerations with Matthew's heart rate, so the doctor will be talking about that tomorrow. As of right now, it's ok becuase his heart rate returns to normal after a minute or so. We just want to be sure that he isn't compressing his cord and denying himself oxygen rich blood.

We'll update more as we know more :)

32 weeks! Yay!

When I woke up on Sunday, I noticed that I felt movement in a new place. I couldn't feel Matthew's head where it normally was, so I asked the doctor about it. Dr. Chao felt around and couldn't feel the head and thought perhaps he had turned.

Dr. Chao wheeled in the ultra sound machine to do a quick scan. Matthew was not head down :( He had just shifted. Matthew's butt is engaged, his head is under my belly button, hiding out and his arms and legs are sticking straight out so his feet and hands are in my right side.

Dr. Chao figured he might as well check fluid while he was here. We are down to one pocket near his feet. The pocket is only 1 cm.

Dr. Lanouette was the doctor on today. While she agrees that the lower fluid does put us at a greater risk of infection, she does not feel comfortable delivering yet.

As of today, we are 2 weeks from delivery (at the longest) so about 17-20 days before I go home :)

I am still having steady contractions, they are painful (pain scale of 4-5) every 15 minutes or so. So, those are being monitored as well.

My temp is up and down. I'm surprised it isn't low since I've been told my room is really cold. My blood pressure and heart rate stay about the same.

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