Sunday, July 15, 2007


So today ends another day. It is the last day of the 29th week and it makes it 6 weeks and 1 day that I've been hospitalized.

Each day is starting to get harder. Since last night I've had consistent contractions every 15 minutes or so apart with little mini ones in between. I'm still having some light bleeding but right now we are just waiting and seeing what they are going to do. Our goal is to not dialate, but we don't know if I am or not and it isn't safe to see. Tomorrow the doctor might order an ultra sound for this week to check both Mathew's growth and fluid levels as well what my cervix length is.

My blood pressure is also high. Normally I'm a 99/50 type of girl with a heart rate of 95-100 beats per minute. Since last night it's been in the 115/60-121/74 range which is typically in the normal range, but still high for me and still high for a person on bed rest. My heart rate has also jumped up to 115+ which is really high for a normal pregnant person while walking, but much more of a concern because I'm on bed rest and not doing anything.

I also can't stop sweating. My room is set at 67 degrees and I wear a flimsy hospital gown and yet, the sweat doesn't stop. When the nurse noticed it today, she quickly called the doctor who ordered blood work and the lab was here in under 10 minutes. I don't think they came up that fast even n the day when I was admitted.

So, that's what's going on here. Matthew's heart rate still looks good. I should hopefully have some news tomorrow with what's going on and if there is a new plan of action.

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